BurBaCa is the expression of the habits and tastes of the typical large US cities combined excellence of Italian cuisine.

The restaurant aims to merge American dishes with typical techniques and raw materials of Italian cuisine, in a welcoming and dynamic amending cuisine and atmosphere at every stage of the day, from breakfast to after dinner. The place then becomes an integral part of the offer by sending certain feelings and values that allow you to live a truly international experience.

We have developed a chatbot that allows customers to be informed about the initiatives of the restaurant, to consult the menu, make a reservation, order and purchase directly via Facebook Messenger.

The chatbot developed for BurBaCa provides a service to customers automatically and at no additional labor costs. Through conversations customers can send instant feedback that helps us improve the service.

Through our web console the restaurant manager can independently update their initiatives, promotions and events can be handled in real time and customized to different customer segments.

Through a conversational interface customers can browse the menu and make reservations in an easy, fast and fun. Reservations through a gaming system notifications are handled by the restaurant manager via chat.

The payments integrated module allows you to purchase directly from Facebook Messenger