Hard Candy Fitness is a global, premium fitness brand with a focus on unique and innovative group fitness programming, stylish and innovative design, and personalized training. The brand was created in partnership with Madonna, who’s believes that when it comes to working out and in life – Harder is Better®.

We have developed a solution as a service in the cloud that can handle all communications with their customers, reservation services and the purchase of products and services.

The possible uses? From customer care, the provision of offers and promotions; to the booking of the courses and the sale of subscriptions directly into Facebook chat. The real strength of Chatbot lies in their being autonomous and always present, active 24 hours on 24, to provide users with help, answers, reservations and selling any product or service.

The Chatbot developed for Hard Candy Fitness allows you to have access to all information on Parioli clubs and Colosseum.

It allows you to keep updated on the club initiatives, to view the schedules of courses and updated on regular basis to book their workouts with ease.

The payment systems integrated into the chat allow you to renew your subscription, purchase lessons with your favorite personal trainer or other promotions offered by the club. A push notification system may be activated to remember their commitments, events and deadlines.