Bot Builder Platform

Chatbots are a new, faster and more effective means of interacting with people and delivering services in a multimodal logic.
imFlow is a web-based platform that allows to develop digital interactions based on the logic of conversations in natural language.
Through a simple and intuitive interface it is possible to automate complex processes that can be delivered by robotic process automation.

Conversational interfaces can be seamlessly integrated into existing channels (Web, App and Social), increasing engagement, simplifying access to services and improving user experience. imFlow allows to develop a new level of UX through Hybrid User Interfaces.

Interactions Design

Drawing conversations using multimodal interactions (touch + type + voice).

Dynamic Segments

Segment and target your audience and send them engaging personalised content.

Services Integration

Possibility to integrate third-party services through dedicated service cards.

Natural Language Processing

Knowledge training module through which the Chatbot is able to understand Intents within sentences expressed in natural language.

Machine Learning

Through an iterative cycle of questions and answers, the knowledge base becomes more autonomous and self-sufficient.

Live Chat

Live Chat module to manage conversations with users in manual mode.

Behavioral Analytics

Module dedicated to Behavioral Analytics.

Push Notifications

It is possible to send instantaneously and/or schedule the sending of specific Interaction to specific Segments.

Media Library

Digital Asset Management for the management of all cross chatbot media managed by the same account.

Native Chatbot

  • Chatbot fully integrated in Web and App through SDK
  • UI customization
  • No dependency on third-party platforms
  • Privacy Management
  • Upgrading of existing channels

Messagging Chatbot

  • New automated touchpoints on the world’s two leading messaging platforms
  • Pre-existing customer base of 1.3 billion active users
  • Automate social customer service and social payment processes

Virtual Assistant

  • Conversational interfaces represent a new paradigm.
  • Virtual assistants will gradually become the first channel through which we connect to the Internet.
  • Multimodal Voice User Interface

Intelligent assistant from data

The conversational experiences with higher added value use the data already present in companies. imFlow is developing connectors for the main players on the market.