Messaging Apps

Why use Messaging apps

Messaging applications can interact with people in real time, right where they are already. Companies have a quick and convenient way to respond to customer requests, including questions about products and services, appointments, customer service issues and more. Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) allow you to have proactive conversations on common topics and provide an even more personalized service by integrating existing service workflows.

Chatbots like any other means of communication express their potential when they are aligned with a business goal or marketing initiative.

Raise awareness

Start a dialogue about your products or services. The new generation of chatbots can leverage the huge customer base of messenger applications and use multi-modal interaction based on the touch/type combination. This hybridization allows the chatbot to respond to users’ micro interactions in the most practical and fast way as possible. The intelligence of the chatbot is mainly in its ability to implement complex processes and make them available in a simple way through conversations.

Acquire Customers

Improve your Facebook ads – Use the power of ad spots to send customers in a Messenger conversation. These advertisements offer your company a quick and convenient way to generate leads, answer questions, manage transactions and offer supportUsers can interact at any time and from any device to obtain product or service information without switching to other channels. Create ads that send people to Messenger to deliver a one-to-one, personalized experience.

In addition to Messenger Ads, businesses can continue to use Messenger’s existing advertising solutions to:

  • Open conversations with click to Messenger ads
  • Manage conversations within the Messenger Platform
  • Re-engage those conversations using sponsored messages

Enable transaction

Let people find and purchase products right on Messenger. Chatbots through machine learning allow you to promote the sale of products and services. Artificial intelligence can classify customer requests to recommend actions to be taken. Chatbots are perfect for tasks, problems and recurring requests: these can be handled automatically by chatbots.

Provide Services

Help people with ordering issues, give directions and hours and much more. Now you can talk with people anytime, anywhere they are, the way they want to connect. Use automation or artificial intelligence (AI) to have proactive conversations about common topics and provide even more personalized service by integrating existing customer service workflows.