The chatbot and AI in the Pharma Industry.

At the end of 2016 MSD Salute, the MSD Italy brand for healthcare professionals, launched the first Chatbot for Physicians in Italy and across MSD. The first focus has been the Immuno-Oncology and soon to come there will be many more areas. The Bot is running on Facebook Messenger.

From the MSD prospective physicians are digital consumers looking for relevant information for their professional activity. Some key factors like the increase of media availability, mobile devices penetration and the decrease of time available, are resulting in a reduction of time spent navigating and searching on the web. Therefore users (and physicians with their pragmatic approach) read what they see and do not navigate as much but just Read and Go! This means that there is an urgent need to access content quickly , easily and efficiently.

Currently the MSD Italy ChatBot service is available only for registered physicians and few hundreds of them have already interacted with the #AI during the Christmas holidays. Among the next steps we will work towards the integration process with Siri and other voice recognition systems to improve the human experience during the interaction with the Bot.

This initiative is now in the center of the MSD Italy’s digital strategy which focuses on new channels and touch-points with healthcare professionals, leveraging on new technologies.

How it works

The chatbot, restricted to doctors, is provided with an authentication service that integrates with MSD proprietary systems. Access, the chatbot recognizes the doctor and his specialization, and showing only the content related to its own segment and answering questions related to the specific domain.

The NLP component allows you to quickly respond to the instructions for use, warnings and administration of drugs or sought to deepen its knowledge by accessing the trials.

Your doctor may send specific messages that will be forwarded directly to MSD Health, or perform complex questions which your chatbot responds independently having a knowledge of structured domain. If the application has not reflected in the specific domain, is directly forwarded to MSD Health, which provide a complete answer, automatically increase the knowledge of the chatbot thanks to machine learning algorithms.

The glossary and the references can be accessed on-the-fly via type. The chatbot will search for the definition researched terminology, disambiguating searching through the convenient quick reply, then proposing the relative depth, through cards made in real time, and multimedia content through images and videos that show the details of the research carried out.


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