Voice Assistants

Voice User Interface

A voice user interface (VUI) allows people to use voice commands to control computers and various devices. The VUIs are rapidly evolving; the item is destined to be the next major upheaval in the IT sector. In recent years, the experiences of voice interaction have reached the general public through the diffusion of virtual assistants such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

Voice interaction is a new way of connecting with customers; voice experiences work well when they offer a faster, easier, or more enjoyable way of doing things. Voice user interfaces do not solve new problems…. yet. But they solve existing problems in new ways that significantly improve the lives of many people.

Voice user interfaces allow us to remain completely human in our interactions. Voice user interfaces have become commonplace and are improving accessibility for many consumers.

Web services and the Internet of Things offer great opportunities for voice interactions and a wide range of experiences can be developed with existing hardware.

Impossible Minds is able to take advantage of automatic voice recognition (ASR), natural language understanding (NLU), text to speech (TTS) and in general all the progress of Machine Learning to enable VUIs to learn from user preferences and context of use over time.